STEM Education

Broadcom MASTERS®

Broadcom MASTERS® (Math, Applied Science, Technology and Engineering as Rising Stars) is the premier international middle school science and engineering fair competition. A program of the Society for Science & the Public sponsored by the Broadcom Foundation, Broadcom MASTERS participants reap the benefits of project-based learning, collaboration with teachers, mentors and professional scientists and engineers. They learn the 21st-century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity as well as the confidence to lead and be productive team members to achieve their goals. Broadcom MASTERS competitors shine in the spotlight of regional, national and international science and engineering fairs. Broadcom MASTERS honors their achievements with awards and prizes for themselves, their teachers and schools.


Broadcom Presents: Design_CODE_Build makes software coding and applied mathematics skill-building accessible to middle-school students who are under-represented in computing fields, including under-served children and young women. The program aims to enlighten students about rewarding career paths that require coding through presentations by Broadcom engineers and other computing "rock stars" who inspire them to continue their studies in algebra. The program partnership strives to:

  • Incorporate 21st century skills (critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity through trial and error).
  • Create user-friendly, developmentally-appropriate practices to demystify computer technology using the Raspberry Pi microcomputer.
  • Connect coding and mathematics to early understanding of the variety of trending careers in STEM, such as computer-generated imagery and digital arts.
  • Leverage dynamic partnerships with other informal learning institutions and STEM stakeholders around the U.S. and abroad.
Broadcom Foundation and the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., created Broadcom Presents: Design_CODE_Build as a scalable, out-of-school education experience for middle school students. The day-long comprehensive program features interactive math events and coding workshops with the Raspberry Pi to enable students to learn team-building and the principles of computer science through project-based learning.

For more information, watch this promo video from the Computer History Museum.

STEM Ecosystems

The Broadcom Foundation supports STEM education for young people throughout the world in order to inspire and enable the next generation of scientists and engineers. In addition to its signature programs, the Broadcom Foundation is collaborating with stakeholders to create STEM Ecosystems in the United States and around the world.

Sponsored by the National STEM Funders Network, of which Broadcom Foundation is a founding member, the STEM Ecosystem Initiative is a nationwide program designed to create opportunities for young people to have equitable access to education in science, technology, engineering, and math through formal and informal learning pathways. It aspires to the goal of insuring that every student residing in a region where the STEM Ecosystem Initiative is in place will become STEM literate, with teh 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity that will prepare him or her for the array of college and career opportunities that await.

The STEM Ecosystems in regions where Broadcom Ltd. and Broadcom Foundation have a presence are the Bay Area STEM Ecosystem, Orange County STEM Ecosystem and ecosystems in Boston, Colorado, Texas and Georgia. International STEM Ecosystems are being developed in Israel, Singapore and China.

To learn more about STEM Ecosystems, please visit the 2015 Annual Report.


Stop Hunger Now

Broadcom and Stop Hunger Now have joined forces in the fight against hunger. Stop Hunger Now is an international relief program that has captured the hearts of Broadcom volunteers throughout the world.

Since 2012, Broadcom volunteers have packaged hundreds of thousands of highly nutritious dehydrated meals at Broadcom locations around the world. These meals consist of rice, soy, dal (in India), vegetables and 23 essential vitamins and minerals.

In 2015, the partnership hit a major milestone with 266,732 meals packaged by more than 1,000 Broadcom employees from 12 locations in the U.S., Singapore, China and India, almost double the number from 2014.

Broadcom employees have played a major role in providing packaged meals to victims of high-profile disasters such as the earthquakes in Nepal, where 50,000 nutrient-rich meals packaged by 250 Broadcom employees in India and Singapore provided aid to the victims. Their work has provided relief in other areas of the world as well, such as Vietnam, rural China and the Philippines.

In February 2015, Stop Hunger Now opened its first permanent facility in India with support from Broadcom, and meals are distributed to families through local partner NGOs, schools, medical clinics and orphanages.

Community Heroes for 2014

David Armour, Field Applications Engineer, Technologist, U.K.: David has been instrumental in helping the University of Bristol and the University of Hertfordshire incorporate WICED technology into their syllabi. He also uses his engineering skills as a STEM ambassador at local schools.

Jeff Chen, Engineer, Sr. Staff - Product Applications, Santa Clara, Calif.: Jeff mentored a group of high school freshmen weekly, helping them to start their own business. The team’s product, an iPhone dock made of rock, was a finalist in the Business Plan Competition. He also actively volunteers with Upwardly Global, an organization that helps skilled, professional immigrants find employment. Jeff helps immigrants close their STEM skills gaps so that they are empowered to find work in their passions and fill critical job needs for STEM professionals.

Jeffrey Chin, Engineer, Principal - Electronic Design, Singapore: Jeffrey leads the all-volunteer Raspberry Pi Team in Singapore, which works to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. Jeff and his Broadcom colleagues partner with local schools and the Ministry of Education to organize workshops and events for students using Raspberry Pi as a platform for STEM learning.

Candy Chou
, Engineer, Principal - IC Design, Irvine, Calif.: Candy and her family make semiannual trips to the New Mexico Navajo Nation to build a support network that reaches out to Navajo youth. Her work involves leading the summer youth basketball/sports camp and summer children’s camp, and seeing that the children receive necessary clothing, shoes and schooling.

Nader Kalantari
, Scientist, Sr. Staff - IC Design Irvine, Calif.: Nader volunteers for Children's Hope International, an organization that helps underprivileged children around the world get the best education possible. In addition to his fundraising work, he directs the "Adopt a Family" program at the Orange County branch, which finds local children in need and connects them to sponsors who fund their education.

Neeraj Kashalkar
, Engineer, Sr. Principal - IC Design, Irvine, Calif.: Neeraj volunteers with the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation to help educate, feed, and nurture children in remote and tribal villages of India. The Ekal movement aims to help eradicate illiteracy from rural and tribal India by 2015, employing a holistic approach to social and economic development.

Amit Kulkarni
, Engineer, Principal - Software Systems, Durham, N.C.: Amit serves on the Executive Committee of RTP Maharashtra Mandal, which provides support to the Marathi community in Maharashtra, India. He also organized a blood-donation drive through the American Red Cross and started an Adopt-a-Highway cleanup program to encourage environmental awareness, cleanliness and volunteerism. He also organizes Youth Wing activities to encourage young people to volunteer and has managed various cultural shows by artists from the U.S. and India to promote awareness of Marathi culture.

Ankit Kumar
, Engineer, Staff I - IC Design, Bangalore, India: Ankit is a team member of Broadcom Bangalore's Project LOTUS group. Ankit is a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm when it comes to STEM education for the underprivileged or addressing community gaps. He coordinates events, develops materials, and teaches science, computer skills and English language to students in schools. He also volunteers for several service groups on the weekends.

Christine (Soo Li) Lee, Sr. Manager, Supply Chain, Singapore
: Christine inspired her colleagues at the Broadcom Singapore office to become engaged in community service through the "Connecting Hearts" program, which provides love and hope to many underprivileged children and adults throughout Singapore.

Debajani Majhi
, Engineer, Sr. Principal - IC Design, San Diego, Calif.: Debajani has volunteered since 2007 with Sahaya International, an organization that helps HIV-affected families in rural India. In her time volunteering, she is sponsoring seven children, ensuring they receive clothes, food, healthy living conditions and an education. She even checks each child’s report card to ensure that they are making steady progress in school or college. One of her sponsored children is earning his bachelor's degree in civil engineering, another in journalism and a third in electrical engineering.

Steve Morrison
, Engineer, Principal – Firmware, Andover, Mass.: Steve volunteers with the DIGITS program, a STEM awareness/education program that pairs STEM professionals with sixth grade classes throughout the state to increase students’ interest in math and science subjects and careers. Steve visited with sixth grade engineering classes at the Guilmette School in Lawrence, Mass., making the connection between students' STEM studies and how these skills are applied in the real world.

Bob Neil
, Engineer, Sr. Staff - IC Design, Andover, Mass.: Bob has been involved with Habitat for Humanity in Lawrence, Mass., for 25 years. He commits one weekend a month to building a new house, including installing framing, roofing, windows and siding, building stairs, hanging drywall, finishing carpentry and painting. Bob also spends one week each summer working with a group of volunteers to frame a new duplex.

Manan V. Patel
, Engineer, Staff I - Software Development, San Diego, Calif.: Manan is a pioneer in the Broadcom MASTERS Jr. Varsity after-school program, which inspires middle-school students to stick with STEM courses throughout their education. He introduced students in San Diego middle schools to Broadcom's current broadband technology by demonstrating and explaining the differences between SD, HD and Ultra HD technology. Manan also assisted with BAPS Charities’ first walkathon in San Diego, the proceeds of which supported MAP Foundation for Academic Success, Inc., an organization that raises college scholarship funds for Escondido Union High School District.

Lavanya Rekha
, Engineer, Sr. Staff - IC Design, Bangalore, India: Lavanya is an active member of Project LOTUS and puts a face to Corporate Social Responsibility activities in Bangalore. Lavanya organized the 2014 Joy of Giving Week, provided support for the Wish Tree program and garnered 150 pledges for the Eye Donation Camp.

Craig Robinson, Sr. Training & Development Partner, Irvine, Calif.
: Craig, a musician and singer, volunteers with his band, Hunting Waldo. Hunting Waldo performs annually for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Walk in Irvine; Race for the Cure events in Mission Viejo, San Clemente, and Dana Point; the TinMan Biathlon Bike/Run for Susan B. Komen; and the 50-Mile Bike Ride for Rwanda. Hunting Waldo has provided volunteer entertainment for the MS 150 Bike Ride for 20 years.

Anil Sadineni
, Engineer, Principal - Software Systems, Hyderabad, India: Anil played a major role in the Joy of Giving project at Broadcom Hyderabad to benefit disadvantaged children. He also assisted in garnering support for the Hudhud Relief Fund established to mitigate the effect of damages from the 2014 cyclone that struck Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

Randy Silva
, Engineer, Principal - Software Development, Colo.: Randy works with the HOPE organization in Colorado Springs, Co., which focuses on homelessness and the needs of children transitioning to foster care. He provides weekly meals and participates in the annual drive to collect backpacks, sleeping bags, food and toiletries for the homeless. He also works to provide backpacks with age-appropriate necessities for kids who have been removed from their homes and have nothing. His passion has inspired other Broadcom employees to support HOPE through the annual bowl-a-thon.

Amruthavalli Sreekantapuram
, Engineer, Sr. Staff - IC Design, Bangalore, India: Amruthavalli has been actively involved in almost every Project LOTUS event since 2007. She devotes her energy to all tasks big and small, including set-up for scholarship tests, coordinating with the staff of adopted schools, developing content for LOTUS's flagship Back to School program, organizing field trips to the Broadcom campus, and spending countless weekends tutoring kids through extra classes. She was also instrumental in creating a Wish Tree for the service staff at the Broadcom Bangalore campus.

Tarun Verma, Manager, Software Engineering – Systems, Bangalore, India: Tarun is viewed as the marketing genius for Project LOTUS. With his guidance, the LOTUS annual report, notice boards and publicity emails gained new life, helping the group to encourage more employees to volunteer. His work elevated Project LOTUS from a grass-roots project to one that is widely noted and talked about in the community.

Roland Vossen
, Engineer, Principal - Software Development, Bunnik, Netherland: Roland uses his engineering acumen and generosity of spirit to volunteer every month at Repair Café Nieuwegein, where he fixes broken devices owned by people who do not have the resources to replace their mechanical or computerized items. By applying his knowledge, time, and materials, he helps people in need and preserves the environment by reducing needless waste.

Team Award: Barefoot Computing, Bristol, U.K.

Barefoot Computing helps teachers understand and apply the new STEM curriculum required in the U.K., with special focus on computational thinking for junior school students. Through their volunteer service, these four Broadcom employees help provide teachers with a better understanding of STEM professions and how to incorporate computing into current teaching methods to prepare children with the skills they will need to succeed in the 21st century.

  • Parveen Kumar, Engineer, Principal - Software Development
  • Alex Orr, Engineer, Principal - IC Design
  • Andy Sheen, Engineer, Principal - Software Development
  • Chris Tomlinson, Engineer, Principal - Software

Team Award: San Diego Charity Committee

Members of the San Diego Charity Committee initiate and support internal Broadcom events and put a positive face to the company out in the community. The committee helps coordinate inspirational volunteer initiatives, including community blood drives, the annual Race for Autism and a trip to Corazon de Vida, a Baja, Mexico, orphanage, to deliver supplies and visit with the children. The committee was also the first to initiate a Stop Hunger NOW food-packaging event, which is becoming a Broadcom signature event worldwide.

  • Sandy Bunton, Manager I, Office Services
  • Becky Francis, Administrative Assistant – Floor
  • Jeannie Pfitzner, Executive Administrative Assistant
  • Christen Valentine, Sr. Administrative Assistant – Floor

Community Heroes for 2013

Agatha Bae, Sr. Financial Analyst, Irvine, California: Agatha volunteers by caring for the elderly and disabled. She practices her deeply held belief that everyone is entitled to respect and dignity by caring for and talking with seniors, along with helping to keep their living areas organized and clean. Agatha also volunteers for CoachArt, where she provides music lessons to children with chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Doug Benedict, Engineer, Sr. Principal-Software Development, Sunnyvale, California: Doug serves as the Scoutmaster for Livermore’s Boy Scout Troop, an active troop with 68 scouts who engage in service, citizenship and outdoor activities. He also serves as the Scouting for Food district chairman, tasked with the goal of collecting 46,000 pounds of food in 2013. Doug takes great joy in seeing his scouts develop valuable life and leadership skills as they work together while enjoying all the outdoor opportunities that California has to offer. He is currently establishing a new STEM program for his troop.

Karl Brandt, Field Applications Engineer, Sr. Staff, Palm Bay, Florida: Karl has been a den leader and pack committee member with Cub Scout Pack 528 for four years. His pack collects food as part of Scouting for Food and makes an annual visit to a local retirement home to offer good cheer and sing carols. Karl’s den is known for its STEM projects that include electric circuits, catapults, rockets, a solar oven, Pinewood Derby cars and frozen-egg drops.

Julia Chao, Manager, IC Design Engineering, Hsinchu, Taiwan: Julia cares deeply about socially vulnerable people and puts her energy and time into improving their quality of life. She is an enthusiastic volunteer who engages in fundraising activities for a charity organization every year. Her charity organization hosts activities for orphaned children, elders who live alone and other vulnerable people in the community.

Carol Clark, Engineer, Principal - Software Systems, Duluth, Georgia: Carol is an enthusiastic promoter of math and sciences. She speaks to students in local schools, especially young women, about pursuing engineering careers. She volunteers in the community and is quick to identify and promote ideas for charitable events in which to engage her Broadcom colleagues, such as the United Way Shoebox Project. Carol’s other volunteer activities include Georgia Tech career fairs; Cool Girls, where she volunteers as a Big Sister; the IRS (IRS Lead); math tutoring at Berean Christian Church; the FAMU Alumni scholarship board; and tutoring local children.

Abdul Farah, Engineer, Principal – Test, Santa Clara, California: Abdul manages a non-profit that he started with a few other friends to raise funds that support people in his home country, Somalia. Abdul's organization and volunteer work support a local orphanage, a school for girls, and victims of the recent snowstorms. Abdul quietly champions these causes because of his deep compassion, a quality he exudes at work, at home, with friends and in his community.

Doug Giles, Engineer, Staff I - IC Design, Bristol, United Kingdom: Doug helps young people join the engineering profession. Since joining Broadcom through a graduate recruitment program, Doug volunteers his time advising students and discussing career paths at numerous career events organized by Broadcom. Doug also represents Broadcom as a judge for the Go4Set student project competition.

Andy Hulbert, Technical Director, Bristol, United Kingdom: Andy is a distinguished engineer at Broadcom who still finds time to volunteer despite a busy schedule. Andy talks with young people about opportunities in the engineering field at career events and has created work programs to help students gain experience at Broadcom.

Kayla Hunter, Engineering Change Analyst, Irvine, California: Kayla mentors individuals suffering from mental illness by helping them learn how to work and socialize within society. She plans weekly outings designed to help her mentees develop new life skills and work through personal or social anxieties to improve their quality of life.

Antti Huopana, Project Manager, Oulu, Finland: Antti volunteers with the Junior Chamber of Oulu by working with an annual Christmas present collection project for children called 'Project Christmas Tree,' where recipients or their parents receive services from the City of Oulu Social Welfare Office. Antti is aware that these families struggle to provide presents for their children, and this program brings special joy to families during the holiday season.

Prem Swaroop Kadavakuduru, Engineer - Software Systems, Hyderabad, India: Prem volunteers through the Broadcom Hyderabad office, which recently made a major community commitment to the Svechha Foundation. The foundation works to address the widening economic gap in India by supporting education, healthcare and village development. Prem worked tirelessly to raise funds for the local orphanage, even staying a night with the children in the orphanage, and helped collect basic necessities for the students so that they may one day have the opportunity to realize their dreams.

Shane Lansing, Director, IC Design Engineering, Irvine, California: Shane never turns down an opportunity inspire others with his passion for engineering and innovation. He leads Raspberry Pi Workshops in Irvine and Washington D.C., training engineers and staff to work with the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. He has helped create electrical engineering curricula for the 'Future Scientists and Engineers Program' at the Discovery Science Center in California and has mentored middle school students in after-school programs to prepare them for science fair participation.

Syd Logan, Engineer, Principal - Software Systems, San Diego, California: Syd has been a dedicated volunteer with Thousand Smiles Foundation since 1995, helping underprivileged children and their families register for free maxillofacial surgeries and dental work to correct cleft lips and palates. In 2003, Syd developed an Internet-based patient and volunteer tracking system for the organization, and he serves as a board member and adviser to the foundation on issues related to digital patient records and volunteer registration.

Roxanne Lopez, Cost Accountant, Irvine, California: Roxanne raises funds for Free Wheelchair Mission through the 'Run for Mobility.' For 100,000,000 disabled people around the world, lack of access to a wheelchair makes the simplest daily functions a struggle. Roxanne decided to make their cause a good reason to attempt her first half-marathon, and her volunteer initiative will help the organization manufacture and distribute sturdy wheelchairs designed especially for recipients in developing countries.

Wei Luo, Sr. Manager, Systems Design Engineering, Matawan, New Jersey: Wei teaches robotics to children in a local after-school community program. The group gathers weekly in his basement to conduct research and engage in robotic design, as well as participate in the First Lego League competition. The kids use online tools to gather, share and manage team information. Wei helps the students learn to apply mathematics, computer science and physics to real-world research and robotic design.

Shazia Mughal, Engineer, Staff II-IC Design, Manchester, United Kingdom: Shazia is an enthusiastic promoter of science, technology, engineering and math for young people. She is an ambassador for STEMnet, the premier networking organization in the UK that provides STEM resources and volunteers to the community. Shazia also volunteers with the Big Bang Fair, the UK's national science and engineering fair, from which two students are selected to be delegates to the Broadcom MASTERS International.

Thien Nguyen, Engineering Systems Analyst, Sr. Staff, Santa Clara, California: Thien helps prepare young people for responsible adulthood by advising Boy Scouts of America Troop 610, Cub Scout Pack 610 and Venturing Crew 610. He spends eight hours a week working with scouts and adults to provide positive experiences through enjoying the outdoors, appreciating the effects of technology and serving others through leadership roles. Thien is also a registered Merit Badge Counselor, working with the scouts on STEM badges in computing, electronics, electricity, engineering and geocaching.

Palak Patel, Engineer, Sr. Staff - Electronic Design, Mumbai, India: Palak champions education as the most important tool for personal and social empowerment. Palak sponsors educational opportunities for underprivileged children and also helps provide for other needs such as raincoats, sweaters, uniforms and books. Wherever possible, he encourages colleagues from the Mumbai office to help. Palak acts upon his deeply held belief that knowledge is essential to achieving bigger and better goals, not only for the individual, but for the entire community.

Phil Poole, Engineer, Principal - Software Development, Bristol, United Kingdom: Phil uses his software engineering talents to teach students about the iconic Raspberry Pi single-board computer. He provides hands-on instruction at career events by teaching children how to code and change software programs through coding. An enthusiastic teacher, Phil takes away the fear of applying a new skill, one that is essential for a career in engineering or science.

Diana Sanderbeck, Sr. HR Business Partner, San Diego, California: Diana works with the PTA at Westwood Elementary School, a neighbor of the San Diego Broadcom office, to develop and implement programs that foster love for STEM subjects in the hearts and minds of the youngest future scientists and engineers. She works on after-school projects such as Math and Science Olympiad and helps organize an annual 'Science Night,' where families can experience many different interactive activities to spark intellectual curiosity and a love of science, technology, engineering and math.

Rami Segal, Sr. Manager, Software Development, Airport City, Israel: Rami volunteers for Paamonim, a non-profit organization focused on providing long-term, comprehensive solutions to debt and poverty by helping people learn financial planning. As part of his volunteer work, Rami meets with a needy family, gets to the root of their financial problems and provides individualized, comprehensive assistance and support.

Bill Shikrallah, IT Engineer, Sr. Staff, Matawan, New Jersey: Bill has been an assistant Scout Master for Boy Scout Troup 380 for more than three years. The Boy Scouts in his troop contribute to community service activities including 'Scouting for Food,' the annual food drive to support local food banks, and the adoption of the Clark Nature Center and Eagle Scout Service Projects.

Aleecia Smith, Operations Specialist, Office Services, Durham, North Carolina: Aleecia volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, an organization that offers a comforting home-away-from-home to seriously ill children and their families. She provides home-cooked meals and emotional support to the families in need. She also supports the ongoing collection of soda pull-tabs and aluminum cans to generate recycling funds to help meet the expenses of the Ronald McDonald House. Her passion and enthusiasm are so infectious that other Broadcom sites now collect aluminum tabs for the cause.

Kalle Tuulos, Senior Architect, Salo, Finland: Kalle has been a member of the Southwest Finland Search and Rescue (SAR) Dogs Association (Varsinais-Suomen Pelastuskoirat Ry) since 2006. A part of Finnish voluntary SAR service, the association trains SAR dogs and their handlers to assist in search-and-rescue missions, which happen as often as 10 times a year. Both dogs and handlers are trained on a wide range of skills, including first aid, communication and navigation. Kalle is currently training his second SAR dog and they practice several times a week throughout the year.

Xuezhen Wang, Scientist, Sr. Staff – Design, Fort Collins, Colorado: Xuezhen is a coach for the Junior First Lego League of the Traunt Core Knowledge School. Through First Lego League, she helps kids appreciate engineering concepts by building and programming Lego projects on disaster preparedness, response and recovery. Xuezhen's work helps young people understand the importance of strategy, teamwork and collaboration. Since First Lego League focuses on project-based learning, Xuezchen also helps young competitors arrange their thoughts by reducing their design into a poster for presentation to the public.

Jorge Wong, Manager, Software Engineering – Development, Irvine, California: Jorge has volunteered for 15 years at the Starr Ranch Sanctuary, applying his engineering acumen to promote wildlife conservation and instill a love of nature in young and old alike. Jorge has designed network cameras that enable students, scientists and nature lovers all over world to watch wild owls and eagles in their natural habitat.

Community Heroes for 2012

Avani Amin - Product Marketing Engineer – San Jose, Calif.
Avani volunteers with Asha for Education, an organization dedicated to catalyzing socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children. In 2012, Avani coordinated one of the organizations largest fundraising programs, a marathon training program that serves hundreds of people.

Anat Barnea - Engineer, Sr. Staff - Software Systems - Herzliya Pituah, Israel
Anat has volunteered in Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel for the last four and a half years, as a big sister to Vera. Anat meets with her once a week to offer support and a connection that Vera can trust.

Dana Brzozkiewicz – Public Relations Manager – Irvine, Calif.
Dana is a “client support volunteer” at Breast Cancer Solutions (BCS) and provides continuous communication and support for breast cancer patients in Southern California. BCS directly helps those who don’t have sufficient resources and may be evicted from their homes or unable to pay for health insurance. Her volunteer work ensures patients are able to sustain their course of treatment.

Jennifer Bush - Associate General Counsel – San Diego, Calif.
Last year Jennifer co-founded a group called Women With a Cause that brings together women in San Diego (mainly in science and technology) with the dual purposes of promoting the advancement of women in the field and supporting local charitable organizations. In the first year, the group has focused on supporting the Monarch School (a school for homeless children in San Diego) and raising money to contribute to a homeless shelter in San Diego.

Yu Leong Chai - Engineer, Staff I - IC Design - Singapore
Yu Leong Chai has been volunteering for Tzu Chi foundation since year 2004 when he first joined its Malaysia branch and the branch in Singapore. He spends at least two days a week visiting families needing assistance or with elderly, diseased, disabled or economically needy people to help them in all kinds of activities as a compassionate and loving volunteer. He also volunteers for a monthly recycling drive and at blood donation drives.

Sree Chalasani – Sr. Business Development Manager, Sales – San Jose, Calif.
Sree helps kids living in shelters with homework and provides much needed educational support that they may not otherwise receive.

Misty Cushman – Sr. Facilities Coordinator – Irvine, Calif.
For the past six years Misty has volunteered as Girl Scout leader and staff at Camp Scherman, Orange County's Girl Scout camp. Growing up as a scout, she recognizes the value of camp. Lessons learned include life skills that kids are beginning to lack as generations of kids spend more time indoors. Additionally, Misty sought volunteer opportunities packing food for the Orange County Food Bank and participating in beach clean-up.

Golan Drucker - Manager, Software Engineering – Systems – Herzliya, Israel
Golan volunteers in Etgarim (Challenges) Association for disabled athletes. Etgarim's goal is to help in the mental and physical rehabilitation of teenagers and adults through active recreation and sports activities to help them believe in themselves and their abilities. Golan is a personal escort of one of the members and is very involved in the association's day-to-day activities.

Julianne Ford – Sr. Operations Specialist, Office Services – Duluth, Ga.
Julianne is the principle driver in organizing, managing, and getting strong participation from the local Broadcom employees.Julianne formedTeam Broadcom Atlanta for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's annual Light the Night fundraising walk to pay tribute and bring hope to people battling blood cancers, earning her team its own Broadcom Tent at the Walk. She also organized employees to participate in the Gwinnett County Habitat for Humanity.

Virginia Gaines - Administrative Assistant, Sr. – San Diego, Calif.
Virginia is a leader and supportive member of the Broadcom Charity Committee in San Diego. Virginia led six charity events in 2011 and completed seven in 2012. She organizes bake sales to raise money and is great at encouraging people to sign up and participate. She also volunteers for Raise and Shine, a single teenage mother support group.

Madan Mohan Goud - Engineer, Sr. Staff - Software Systems – Hyderabad, India
Madan helps orphanages raise funds for children in need. He has provided personal support for the education and basic needs of three children over the past four years. He has taken a leadership role in organizing charity programs and raising awareness with employees about volunteer work, including a “Joy of Giving Week” at Broadcom Hyderabad to help children through the Svechha Foundation. He is also engages colleagues in "Desire Society” that provides help to kids affected by HIV.

Trinh Guevara - Sr. Customer Service Assistant – Irvine, Calif.
Trinh has volunteered for the Make-A-Wish Foundation for more than 15 years and helped grant two dozen wishes. A wish experience is a source of inspiration for these children, giving them joy and hope. The Make-A-Wish Foundation has enriched the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions through its wish-granting work.

Vivek Gulati - Scientist, Principal - Software Development – Santa Clara, Calif.
Vivke organizes and teaches stress management and life skills programs to a cross-section of community members through the Art of Living Foundation. He teaches people practical tools to manage negative emotions and empower them to take greater responsibility over their lives. He also has taught courses at Orange County Probation Department, San Francisco City Jail, San Jose State University, Santa Clara University and Evergreen Valley Community College.

Melanie Hao – Lease Administrator – Irvine, Calif.
Melanie makes Hawaiian food for charity sales and volunteers her time and money to raise funds for college-bound scholarship recipients. She performs traditional Hula for senior citizens at St. Francis Senior Residence in Santa Ana and Catered Manor Nursing Center in Long Beach.She shares her spirit of 'aloha' at annual community events such as the Pacific Islander Festival in Huntington Beach and Ho’olaulea in Torrance.

Cressida Harding - Engineer, Principal - Software Development – Cambridge, U.K.
Cressida has been organizing the Science Park's annual "Cambridge Fun Run" in aid of BBC Children in Need since 2005 and chaired the organizing committee since 2009. The event brings together the Science Park community for a Friday lunchtime relay race in fancy dress, raising thousands of pounds. Thanks to Cressida's energy and dedication, more than 600 runners took part last year, many from Broadcom, in support of disadvantaged children in the U.K.

David Knebelsberger - Engineer, Principal – Design – Chandler, Ariz.
Dave volunteers in a men’s leadership program where he is a team leader and trainer. The program focuses on the development of men in the modern world, providing them the tools to transform themselves, their families and the greater society and help them be positive role models, better husbands, fathers and leaders in their work and community environments. Dave introduced this program 2010 for 200 men and it has grown to serve more than 1,000 men in 13 chapters throughout Arizona.

Niels Lambers - Engineer, Sr. Staff - IC Design – Bunnik, Netherlands
Niels has spent the night in a cardboard box to help raise funds and demonstrate the difficulties faced by Kenia children in need.

Christine Soo Li Lee – Sr. Manager, Supply Chain – Singapore
Christine leads the Broadcom Singapore volunteer group in community outreach activities that improve the lives of less fortunate people in the local community. Her work benefits Food from the Heart, an organization that reaches out to the less-fortunate people and brightens their lives by alleviating hunger and bringing joy through the distribution of toys and birthday celebrations. Through the program, children improve their school work, which may help break the cycle of poverty for these young people.

Lee Leibig - Sr. Director, Strategic Sales – Chicago, Ill.
Lee believes children need strong skills in math, science, and technology and has served as the Technology Chairman at St. Giles School, where serves as Chairman of the School Board. During Lee's tenure, the school completed wired and wireless networking rollouts, added a website, 24 smart boards, 120 netbooks and 16 iPads. They plan to add tablets for all junior high students in the next year.

Allen Light - Product Line Director – Oregon
Allen Light coaches a First Lego League (FLL) team for the 2012 Senior Solutions Challenge, a seven person team of five boys and two girls, ages 9-11. The competition serves to improve quality of life for seniors by helping them continue to be independent, engaged, and connected in their communities. The other challenge, which involves building and programming a Lego robot, teaches the important of science, technology, presentation, and team-building skills.

Gordon Lindsay - Director, Field Applications Engineering – Bristol, U.K.
Gordon has taken technology to local schools and mentors 'under 12' on robotics as well as the silicon industry and its processes. Gordon now runs a weekly "Code Club" where he tutors both children and teachers in the art of software programming. He is also assisting to gather volunteer support throughout the U.K. for the 'Big Bang' - national science fair competition.

Greg Mackney - Project Manager, Sr. Staff – IT – Irvine, Calif.
Greg works with troubled youth in the Orange County Probation Department where approximately 5,775 boys and girls under department supervision at any given time, with as many as 738 of these youth incarcerated in four facilities of the Orange County Juvenile Justice Complex (OCJJC) – Juvenile Hall, Youth Guidance Center, Youth Leadership Academy and Joplin Youth Center.Greg's work includes keeping kids off the streets of Santa Ana, one to one mentoring and work with Orangewood Children’s Home.

Sebastian Loeda Pagliano - Scientist, Sr. Staff - IC Design – Sydney, Australia
Last year Sebastian ran the Great Ocean Road Marathon to fundraise for Cure Cancer Australia. This organization funds young local researchers to develop a cure for cancer. As Sebastian continues to challenge himself and challenge others to do more, he is swimming 2km of the Pacific Ocean to raise funds for the cause. This time around, all he has to do is to outswim the friendly Australian shark, which he says is perfectly safe.

Lakshmikanth Pai - Engineer, Sr. Principal - IC Design – Bangalore, India
Lakshmikanth is one of the most senior active volunteers of Project LOTUS, a social responsibility program in Bangalore. His dedication and motivation has inspired Project LOTUS school children, teachers and volunteers. He has been instrumental in raising the Project LOTUS program from a handful of volunteers to a recognized service initiative that is a standard bearer for community engagement throughout Broadcom. Lakshmikanth has pursued the dream of providing better education in under privileged schools for more than 10 years and plays a key role in all Project LOTUS events and activities.

Prasanthi Sathyaprakash - Manager, Commodity Management – Irvine, Calif.
Prasanthi volunteers as co-chair of the Orange County Science and Engineering Fair (OCSEF), a non-profit educational organization that has promoted the sciences in Orange County since 1955. As a part of the board of directors of this organization, Prasanthi is committed to educating, guiding and motivating students to engage in all fields of hands-on science and engineering.

Ken Schmahl - Engineer, Principal - IC Design – Santa Clara, Calif.
Ken Schmahl has devoted many years of volunteer effort in support of providing science enrichment and education to students in the Silicon Valley through his own organization Schmahl Science Workshops. Over the past 16 years, Ken has provided mentorship on countless student research projects in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Physics and Electrical Engineering. His non-profit serves more than 30,000 students a year.

Padmanava Sen - Engineer, Sr Staff - IC Design – Irvine, Calif.
Padmanava volunteers for Asha for Education, an organization dedicated to catalyzing socio-economic change in India through education of underprivileged children. In last six years, he has served as chapter coordinator and chapter project coordinator as well as on the Board of Directors. Padmanava is one of the three coordinators driving Work-An-Hour 2012 campaign to benefit 13 educational projects in India.

Andrew Spisak - Manager, IT Regional Manager – Yardley, Pa.
Andrew volunteers as both Cubmaster for the local Cub Scout pack and Committee Chair for the local Boy Scout troop. The troop collected more than 3,600 food items during its annual Scouting For Food campaign. The Cub Scout pack cleaned up streams and wooded areas near a local school during its 2012 Earth Service Day Project. The Scouts also planted trees and flowers at a local adult living center, created a fenced fresh food garden with produce going to local food banks, and built benches and cubicles for handicapped children, veterans and schools in the area.

Praveen Vasishtha - Engineer, Sr. Staff – Firmware – San Diego, Calif.
Praveen works as a volunteer for Ekal Vidyalaya, the largest grassroots, non-government education movement in India, operating in more than 39,525 villages and educating children in rural India.

Community Heroes for 2011

Verna Lum Ayer, Irvine, California: Verna is an advocate and volunteer for Working Wardrobes, an organization that empowers men, women & young adults to overcome difficult challenges brought on by alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, transitional homelessness, catastrophic illness and other life crises to confidently enter the workforce and achieve self-sufficiency through career training, job placement assistance and wardrobe services.

Ed Boyd, Petaluma, California: Ed is a merit badge counselor and assistant Scout Master for a local Boy Scout Troop. Utilizing IEEE merit badge source materials, Ed developed training material for technical merit badges that his troop can earn in areas such as Electricity, Electronics, Engineering, Energy, Composite Materials, Computers, Radio, Communications, American Business, and Robotics. He inspires students in local elementary schools to consider careers such as engineers, through projects such as taking apart the electric motor from familiar household items like a washing machine or fan to see how they work.

Yaron Canary, Israel: Yaron organizes Broadcom volunteer and charitable activities both in and outside of Broadcom to improve the lives of people in the community. He arranges food and clothing distribution for people in low socialeconomical neighborhoods and plans activities for people in poor health during the holidays. He gives back to the community every week by meeting with elementary school children to provide homework support. Yaron also volunteers for NOVA – an association that consults other non-profit organizations to provide sustainable and improved social services based on skills from the business sector and academia.

Gabriel Desjardins, Sunnyvale, California: Gabriel provides free tax preparation and financial planning primarily in Spanish to low-income/immigrant families eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit through the IRS Vita program at Arriba Juntos and the Mission Economic Development Agency in the Mission District of San Francisco. For the past six years, Gabriel has prepared 40-50 returns per tax season in addition to supervising new volunteers. He also assists taxpayers in opening bank accounts in order to receive tax refunds electronically.

Michael Dorsi, Irvine, California: Michael volunteers during the summer at a local high school that needs support in both sports programs and academics. As a runner, Michael has served as an Assistant Coach for the Boys and Girls Cross Country teams at Sunny Hills High School – running the 6 am workouts, providing guidance to young athletes during workouts and preparing them for race day. Michael provides additional mentorship to many kids from all walks of life, helping them believe in themselves so they can seize opportunities to be successful not only in sports and the classroom, but in life’s challenges.

Vikram Gupta, Santa Clara, California: Vikram has sought out a variety of opportunities to work with other Broadcom employees to impact the community. He helped setup a team event at the Second Harvest Food Bank where they helped sort food. He participated in the quarterly meetings between Cal State East Bay and Broadcom in San Jose to help develop a STEM curriculum for K-8 teachers. He also teamed up with a 6th grade teacher in Azevada Elementary School in Fremont, California to give students insight into a career in engineering.
Mallinath Hatti, Bangalore, India: His colleagues know Mallinath as a person who is always ready to help a local community in distress. He played a leading role in mounting an effort by Broadcom employees to help the flood victims of North Karnataka, volunteering to carry all the donated items to flood affected areas. Mallinath is an active volunteer in the LOTUS program of Broadcom India that supports underprivileged children studying in public schools near Broadcom’s Bangalore facility.

Andrew (Yung-Chih) Hsu, Santa Clara, CA: Andrew is a volunteer at the Tzu Chi Foundation, an organization that provides services to families, the homeless, visits to senior homes, medical and dental services, recycling and reading to children. He coordinates Tzu Chi volunteer tasks around Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Los Altos, Mountain View and Palo Alto area, participating in winter distribution of jackets, blankets, materials for daily needs and dinner for low income families. He is also a member of a weekly breakfast distribution center at Sunnyvale Fair Oaks Park. Andrew has tutored high school dropout students to help them prepare for their GED and regularly visits local senior centers in San Jose, Sunnyvale and Cupertino.

Andrea Manley, Irvine, California: As a Girl Scout leader, Andrea’s goal is to give her girls opportunities they would never experience outside the Troop. Many of her scouts are from low income, single parent homes and have never been outside of the city where they live. She strives to provide them with good female role models and opportunities to expand their knowledge about the world. During her six years as a scout leader, Andrea has led her troop in a variety of community service projects such as collecting items for families in need, park clean-ups and assisting in building a new home for a local family through Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Sebastian Loeda Pagliano, Sydney, Australia: Sebastian is running the Great Ocean Road marathon in Melbourne in support of the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation this May. He is no distance runner, but believes the cause commensurates with the challenge. His charity funds the brightest young Australian researchers who are seeking cures for lung cancer, leukemia, breast cancer, melanoma, ovarian cancer, prostate cancer, glioblastoma, DNA and blood cancer patient care research.

Henry Rael, Albuquerque, New Mexico / Irvine, California: Henry invests time, energy and financial resources to benefit his community in New Mexico, which suffers from high incidence of poverty and low high-school graduation rates. He serves on the board of the South Valley Academy charter high school that graduates almost 85% of its students (compared to 35% at the local public high school). He uses his communication and software expertise to help local farmers create a network to aggregate their local, organic produce to sell to the local school system. His work in connecting local growers with a steady, reasonable market while delivering a safer, healthier, and more humane diet for New Mexico families resulted in Henry being a featured speaker at TEDx Albuquerque 2011.

Andy Spisak, Yardley, Pennsylvania: Andy volunteers for his local Cub Scout Pack 91 as both a Webelo Den Leader and the Cub Master. His pack of 90 cub scouts spends two weekends a year “Scouting for Food” that they donate to local food banks. Last year his pack accumulated over 10,000 items. They also create crafts for the elderly that are given out during a night of Christmas Caroling in the local senior centers. In the spring the scouts participate in the “Perkiomen Watershed” clean up, where they remove trash and debris from local waterways.

Heather Stephens, Irvine, California: Heather volunteers at Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) where she generously volunteers four hours each week to cheer up sick kids through CHOC Radio Lollipop. CHOC Radio Lollipop is a fully equipped radio studio housed in the hospital’s main lobby and run by volunteers who involve patients in recreational activities linked to radio programs that are child-focused. Volunteer deejays play “Top 40” hits and children’s favorites, take call-in requests, and put patients “on air” from the bedside or in the studio. Heather also helpspatients in recreational activities linked to radio programs.

Praveen Vasishtha, San Diego, California: Praveen volunteers for Sewa International, a volunteer-based charity active in a variety of areas including health care, education, disaster relief, child and tribal welfare, with projects and programs in the United States, India and other countries. Over the past three years, he has worked with the local Bhutanese refugee community collecting and delivering goods for refugee families, providing workshops, rides, employment assistance and cultural support. This year, he participated in Sewa Day (an international day of volunteering) at Tecolote Canyon.

Raghunath Vutukuru, Santa Clara, CA: Raghunath has been active in Chinmaya Mission, dedicated to giving maximum happiness to maximum people for maximum time. Each month he volunteers to cook and serve healthy vegetarian food to homeless people at the James Boccardo Reception Center (BRC) in San Jose. Raghunath has been donating his time to Chinmaya Mission for seven years, an avocation that has given him immense satisfaction and happiness.