The Samueli Foundation Prize:


Annie Ostojic, 13, of Munster, Ind.
A Novel Microwave Cavity Design Using Cylindrical Parabolic Reflectors to Optimize Energy Efficiency

Grand prize winner Annie Ostojic was awarded the Samueli Foundation Prize for her mastery of STEM principles and team leadership, demonstrated throughout the rigorous weeklong competition. Her science fair project expanded upon knowledge she accumulated in prior competitions to apply science and engineering to innovating a more energy-efficient microwave design. Ostojic performed complex experiments and designed prototypes to achieve the next level of creative solutions for environmentally friendly microwave cooking.

A three-time Broadcom MASTERS participant, Ostojic won the Rising Star award as a 2014 Broadcom MASTERS finalist and represented the United States as one of 24 delegates from 14 countries at Broadcom MASTERS International this year. Ostojic competed against more than 2,200 entrants to return as a finalist of the 2015 Broadcom MASTERS.

Marconi/Samueli Award for Innovation:


Sebastian Mellen, 14, of San Diego, Calif.
MathSuite: An Innovative Android App that Makes Dreaded Calculations FUN! Published on Google Play!

Sebastian Mellen was awarded the Marconi/Samueli Award for Innovation for his vision and promise as an innovator who, in the spirit of radio inventor Guglielmo Marconi, demonstrated aptitude and skill in technical and mathematical concepts both with his science fair project and throughout team challenges.

Mellen was inspired by teachers who struggle with grading students’ self-written examinations and classmates who wrestle with math and physics homework. To make their lives easier, Mellen applied his math and engineering acumen to design and develop an Android app that can do a broad range of algebra calculations routinely used in math, physics and other sciences.


Each of these finalists (first- and second-place award winners) were selected for demonstrated skills and promise in each of the disciplines represented by STEM. First-place winners are awarded $3,500 and second-place winners receive $2,500, in each case to support the finalist’s choice of STEM summer camp experiences offered around the country. Each STEM winner also wins an iPad®.

Science Award


First place: Maximilian Du, of Manlius, N.Y., for his project on a new method to extract caffeine from drinks.


Second place: Hannah Cevasco, of San Carlos, Calif., for her research on the healing properties of honey.

Technology Award


First place: Manasa (Hari) Bhimaraju, of Cupertino, Calif., for her project on a low-cost animated teaching tool for the study of elements in the periodic table with an interface for the visually impaired.


Second place: Anusha Zaman, of Baton Rouge, La., for her project on the potential health effects of betel nut use.

Engineering Award


First place: Avery Clowes, of Bolton, Mass., for his project on an electrostatic generator.


Second place: Soyoun Choi, of Melbourne, Fla., for her project on the effect of bilingualism on cognitive development in adolescents.

Mathematics Award


First place: David Yue, of Plano, Texas, for his project on 3-D reconstruction processing and its application to cancer prevention.


Second place: Madison Toonder, of St. Augustine, Fla., for her project on the study of the effect of sunblock nanoparticles on oysters’ ability to filter bay water.

Rising Stars Award

Evelyn Bodoni, of Centennial, Colo., (pictured, left) and Anish Singhani, of San Ramon, Calif., (pictured, right) win a trip to the 2016 Intel ISEF, the world’s largest international high school science fair competition as U.S. Delegates to Broadcom MASTERS International, in recognition of their work throughout the Broadcom MASTERS finals, as well as their projects on the reasons underlying why students cheat, and a brain-wave controlled electronic system, respectively.

Team Award

The Broadcom MASTERS Team Award was awarded to the Red Team for demonstrating their ability to work together, solve problems through shared decision-making, communication and scientific and engineering collaboration. Each received an iPod nano®. (Red Team members, pictured with Raspberry Pi Foundation cofounder Eben Upton, from left to right: Naya Menezes, Glenn Grimmett, Elizabeth Kinsey, First-Place Math Award Winner David Yue and Rising Star Award Winner Anish Singhani.)

Scott A. McGregor Leadership Award

The Scott A. McGregor Leadership Award is presented to the finalist who is elected by his or her peers to represent them as their Broadcom MASTERS Class Speaker. Avery P. Clowes, of Bolton, Mass., was elected as the first recipient of the award after the weeklong competition in which he demonstrated the talent, enthusiasm, collegiality and generosity of spirit of a leader.

This award honors Broadcom President and Chief Executive Officer and founding Chairman of the Broadcom Foundation Scott McGregor, who enthusiastically championed the Broadcom MASTERS and is passionate advocate for science fair competition and project-based learning as essential to development of 21st century skills. (From left to right: McGregor, Clowes and California State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson)


Broadcom Foundation and Society for Science & the Public present the 30 middle school finalists who will compete in the fifth annual Broadcom MASTERS® competition. The 14 girls and 16 boys are from 14 states and represent 29 schools. The finalists win an all-expense paid trip to the Silicon Valley and will compete for cash and experiential prizes.

Finalists were selected by a panel of distinguished scientists and engineers from among 300 semifinalists and 2,230 applicants in 39 states and American Samoa.

The names, geographic location and project titles of the 30 finalists are listed below. Winners were announced in October 2015.

Broadcom MASTERS 2015 Finalist Book

First Name Last Name City State Project
Carolyn Almonte Burlington NJ The Effect of Phthalates Used in Consumer Products on Brine Shrimp Mortality and Motility
Pranav Anandarao Rochester MN Efficiency of Electromagnetic Regenerative Shock Absorbers Under Simulated Road Conditions
Manasa Bhimaraju Cupertino CA Low-Cost Animated Teaching Tool for Study of Elements in the Periodic Table with an Interface for the Visually Impaired
Evelyn Bodoni Centennial CO Whatever It Takes
John Caven Jacksonville FL The Effect of Different Algorithms on Lacrosse Simulation Difficulty
Hannah Cevasco San Carlos CA Honey, I Found A Cure! Nature's Healing Agent/Anti-Inflammatory
Soyoun Choi Melbourne FL Is English Your Only Language? The Effect of Bilingualism on Cognitive Development in Adolescents
NATASHA CHUGH Plano TX Shower Water Usage Reminder System
Avery Clowes Bolton MA Position the Dropper
Maximilian Du Manlius NY A new, better, and economic method to measure and extract caffeine from drinks
Andrew Eggebraaten Rochester MN Building a better robotic hand: stronger, wireless, tactile feedback, controllable with an iPhone app.
Audrey Glende Salt Lake City Utah Ammonia: A Fishy Problem
Glenn Grimmett Jupiter FL Got Milk? Prevalence of Aflatoxin M1, β-Lactams, Sulfamethazine, and Tetracycline in South Florida Consumer Milk
Joseph Huitt Chico CA Honey! Where is all the Honey? The Effect of Stored Pollen on Honey Production
Elizabeth Kinsey Wilmington NC Water Pollution and the Eastern Oyster: A study of juvenile Crassostrea virginica
Mikayla Lindsay Niceville FL Force Field Fact or Fiction
Bryant Liu Rocky Point NY Effects of Pretreatment on the Release of Simple Sugars from Plant Fallen Leaves
Sebastian Mellen San Diego CA MathSuite: An Innovative Android App that Makes Dreaded Calculations FUN! Published on Google Play!
Naya Menezes San Diego CA Effective Headgear in Soccer
Rohit Mital Rochester Hills MI Using Geometry to Protect the Environment and Save Lives
Isaiah O'Neal Los Angeles CA Plant Electrophysiology Investigating Trigger Hairs:How Does Stimulation of Trigger HairsAffect the Generation of Action Potentials in a B52 Venus Flytrap?
Nikolai Ortiz Corpus Christi TX What's In Your Water? The Answer May Be Heavier Than You Think!
Annie Ostojic Munster IN A Novel Microwave Cavity Design Using Cylindrical Parabolic Reflectors to Optimize Energy Efficiency
Nicholas Perez Lake Elsinore CA Saving the Lives of Wildland Firefighters with a Hydrated Polyacrylate Fire Shelter
Kanishka Ragula Salt Lake City Utah A Hydraulic Solar Tracking System for Improving the Efficiency of Solar Panels
Anish Singhani San Ramon CA Easy to Use Wireless Solution for Disabled People to Control Wheelchair and a Virtual Keyboard using Brainwaves
Sriyaa Suresh Allentown PA The Effect of Third Hand Cigarette Smoke on the Geotaxis and Oviposition in Drosophila melanogaster
Madison Toonder St. Augustine FL The Effect of Sunblock Nanoparticles of Zinc Oxide and Micronized Sunscreen Chemicals on the Ability of the Bivalve Mollusk to Filter Bay Water
David Yue Plano TX Stereoscopic Three-Dimensional X-ray Reconstruction Processing and its Application to Cancer Prevention
Anusha Zaman Baton Rouge LA Betel Leaf and Gutkha Up Regulate Detoxification Genes


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