First Name Last Name City State Project
Davia Allen Blakely GA Comparing Three Different Vegetable Protein Flours as Additives to Increase the Efficiency of Food Waste as a Feed for Black Soldier Fly Larvae
Akhilesh Balasingam San Jose CA Galloping Prisms: On the Optimal Design of a Novel Aeroelastic Energy Harvester for Remote Environmental Sensing
Maya Chandar Fort Myers FL The Effects of Ultrasound Waves Vs Laser Beams on the Regrowth of Lumbriculys variegatus (A Novel Study)
Cynthia Chen Cupertino CA A Novel Method for Reducing Water Consumption in Germinating Seeds
Brendan Crotty Muskogee OK Comparative Study of Insulating Materials for a Gas Forge
Nathan Deng San Marino CA Drop by Drop: Manipulating the Surface Tension of Water to Find the Best Way of Cleaning
Aria Eppinger Pittsburgh PA Roundup's Effect on Human Gut Bacteria
James Fagan Riverside CA A wind tunnel to test for the best aerodynamic characteristics for flight on Mars
Sienna Fink Perry Hall MD When Your Christmas Tree Gets Drier, It Increases the Chance of Fire
Ananya Ganesh Sandy Springs GA Bruxism : Using Myoelectric Signals to Treat a Common Health Problem.
Adishree Ghatare San Jose CA A Software Application as a Learning Platform for Increasing Memory Retention of Definitions of Words
Joaqun Haces Garcia Kingsville TX "Saving Babies": Preventing Heat Stroke Implementing a Novel Car Seat Alarm System
Nadine Han Boston MA Determining Wildfire Risk Using Satellite Data
Samuel Kahn San Diego CA Post-Fire Regeneration In Coastal Sage Scrub – 2nd year of study
Olivia Lazorik Fort Pierce FL Climate Change Problem: The Effect of Ocean Acidification on the Growth and Coloration of Lysmata wurdemanni
Ethan Levy Miami FL Comparing Pulsatile and Non-Pulsatile Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD)
Omar Majzoub Chicago IL Aerodynamics of Airfoils
Sonja Michaluk Titusville NJ A Novel Mathematical Model to Simulate the Impact of Potential Land Development on Chemical and Biological Stream Health
Ashini Modi Shreveport LA Dark Matter: The Hidden Universe
Anushka Naiknaware Portland OR Chitosan and Carbon Nanoparticle based Biocompatible Sensor for Wound Management
Nikolai Ortiz Corpus Christi TX Finding A Solution to Heavy Metal Water Pollution
Aalok Patwa San Jose CA Do I Grind? A Wearable System that Detects Bruxism Ahead of Its Effect on Teeth
Rachel Pizzolato Metairie LA Can a Modified Windmill Generate Electricity in an Interstate Traffic Setting?
Shreya Ramachandran Fremont CA The Effect of Soap Nut Grey Water on the Environment (Soil and Plants: Year 2)
Lucas Ritzdorf Bigfork MT Using a Towable Conductivity-mapping System to Locate Springs or Septic Leachate
Eleanor Sigrest Woodbridge VA Rockets, and Nozzles, and Thrusts, Oh My
Santiago Stone Odenton MD What a Difference a Floor Makes: Alternative Flooring for the Impoverished
Emhyr Subramanian Aurora CO A Study of Super-Absorbent Polymers and their Effectiveness in Organic Waste Extraction
Daven Yadav Atlanta GA Bruxism: Using Myoelectric Signals to Treat a Common Health Problem
Kaien Yang Chantilly VA iDiagnostic: Invention of an Early Detection Tool for Major Depressive Disorder


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